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As you can tell, I have not really updated my blog for the past several months other than one post in December.  I have been very busy with running obstacle course races, work, and other things.  Among those other things is mentoring a 9 year old boy named J through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program.  I had always wanted to mentor kids, but just never had the opportunity or the time to do it.  Last year, I decided to pursue it since I had the time for it.  So far, it has been a great experience hanging out with J and mentoring him.  We have done various things together such as rock climbing, going to the science museum, having video game night, and the like.

Throughout these outings, we’ve gone out to eat and J not surprisingly is a picky eater.  For the most part, we have gone out for fast food.  While that was great and all, at some point I wanted to introduce him to different kinds of cuisine.  I just wasn’t sure when to do it and how to approach it.  One night we went out to Monster Golf in Monroeville.  That was of course a lot fun, and I ended up winning.  I do need to let J win at some point, but that will be later.  Right now I’m enjoying these wins.  I know I’m mean.  We left Monster Golf, and we noticed that there was an Indian restaurant called India Garden next door.  J was interested in trying it, and we decided to go inside.  I asked J if he ever had Indian food before.  He said he never had it, but he wanted to try it because he had seen it before on the Food Network.  Once inside J was immediately drawn to the awesome smells of Indian food and the decor of the restaurant.  We had to unfortunately order take out because his mom wanted him home by eight.  Jahlil ended up ordering the Tamatar Ka Soup(which was essentially an Indian version of tomato soup) and Chicken Curry.  It was a definitely a good introduction of Indian food for J.  I was in contact with his mom almost a week later, and she told me that he liked what he had.  So all in all, I was glad that J was able to experience Indian cuisine and hope he will try different types of cuisine in the future, which I feel confident he will.

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Being that this is a food post, I will definitely review what I had at India Garden.  I got the Vegetable Pakora as an appetizer and the Kadhi Kofta as the main dish.  The Pakora are fried fritters that contain spinach, potatoes, onions, and other vegetables.  I loved the balance of the crunchiness on the outside, and the softness on the inside.  It also helped that the fritters weren’t too greasy.  The Kadhi Kofta dish consisted of vegetable balls in chickpeas and yogurt sauce.  The balls had a doughy taste to it, but I can also recognize the vegetables as well.  The sauce really went well with balls in that it gave a nice flavor, but isn’t overbearing.  The only disappointing part of the dish was that I was expecting a lot of heat because I ordered a 10 from a range of 1-10 in the heatness scale.  It was not really hot at all.  Either that, or maybe I am so accustomed to eating spicy food that I need more of a challenge so to speak.  All in all, I thought the food was great and I look forward to trying their other dishes in the future.  Maybe I will eat with J this time :) .

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