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My mom recently started working for a family friend as a chef at Kusuka Indonesian Cuisine at North Huntingdon, which is a suburb east of Pittsburgh.  I’m glad she has the opportunity to be part of this restaurant because she enjoys cooking and has  such a strong passion for Indonesian cuisine.  I’ve been wanting to check the place since it opened last month, but have not had a chance to due to a busy schedule.  This past Friday, I was off from work.  With that said, my buddy D and I decided to make a trip down to Kusuka to try their Indonesian cuisine.  My mom was off that day, which was a little disappointing because I always know that her cooking is good.  Was the other chefs’ food just as good as my mom’s?  The answer was definitely a yes.


D and I got in to Kusuka at 3:45 PM.  We weren’t concerned about the lack of people considering it’s the middle of the afternoon and also many people celebrate Good Friday.  The atmosphere inside was simple and to the point.  However, they had a shelf in the corner of the dining room where you can see different things that were made in Indonesia.  I would also  love for them to have the Indonesian flag hanging somewhere in the dining room; that would just be something cool to see.



D and I ordered our food, but it took awhile for us to order because everything in the menu looked so good.  They even had pizza on the menu.  I’ve had their pizza when the chefs were testing making the food.  At first I didn’t think that pizza was a great idea.  But after eating a couple slices, I thought the pizza was well made and tasted good.  Pizza is also a great idea because kids are picky eaters and they can eat the pizza while their parents eat the Indonesian food.  Anyways’ D and I ordered the Indonesian food.  While we waited, we noticed some Indonesian snacks inside plastic bags on the edge of the table.  For a dollar, you can choose one of the snacks and start going to town on them.  I thought that was a really cool concept that I have not seen at any other restaurants.  We got the rempeyek, which is a peanut fritter.  It was very crunchy, a little greasy, and flavorful.  I also liked how irregular the shape was of the snack, which really gave it a lot of character.

Ikan Asam Manis

Ikan Asam Manis

Rice that came with the Ikan Asam Manis

Rice that came with the Ikan Asam Manis

Our food came out.  D got the Nasi Goreng Kambing(lamb fried rice) Javanese style.  He thought it was pretty good, and I could tell there was a lot of lamb pieces and even an egg on top of the rice.  I got the Ikan Asam Manis(fried tilapia with sweet and sour sauce).  It was pretty amazing.  I liked how the tilapia pieces were crunchy yet you could see and taste plenty of the tilapia meat.  The fact that the sweet and sour sauce also had ginger and garlic really gave the tilapia a nice subtle kick to it.  It was really fun to eat, and would definitely order it again in the future.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Kusuka.  I look forward to trying the other Indonesian dishes they have.  I only wish that it was closer to my house because I would definitely come their on a weekly basis.  Even though it is a little bit of a drive to go to Kusuka, it is definitely worth the trip.

Rating: 4/5 – Food was delicious and the service was pretty good even if it wasn’t above and beyond.



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