Learn the Great Thing about an Unforgettable Experience

This year, there’s a lot of emphasis on enjoying experiences rather than piling a lot of things under the Christmas tree.  Some families are opting to have a Family Appreciation Day, and pool their resources to have an extended vacation experience.  Some want to work in shelters, so their children get a sense of what it means to provide service in the community.  Others have chosen to take trips to big cities where they can experience the historic sites and sounds each place is known for.  Students do better once they have experienced the area they are studying.  It’s one thing to imagine Ben Franklin standing before the assembly in Philadelphia, and another to walk the streets, see his grave site and tour Independence Hall where he debated the Constitution and Declaration of Independence at the birth of our country.  There’s nothing that says families can’t have fun on these educational excursions.  Adding a dash of excitement leaves an even better impression, and it’s easy to do with a CityPASS.

CityPASS is perfect for those trips where you want to make concrete plans to see the sights at the top of your list without having to stand in line, or miss a tour because it’s sold out, or cancelled.  You can load your pass with the must-see destinations and get in, and many times, you can skip the line.  But there’s an even better way to obtain a CityPASS, and that’s by searching Groupon, and applying one of their deals to the bargain.  You can select up to five destinations and pay in advance, then make your itinerary around the breaks you’ll take to see the city.

With the Christmas shopping season in full swing, you might not think to budget time and money for travel, especially with all those great deals floating around for televisions and drones, but if you are thinking experiences over things this year, make time to search Groupon for coupon codes that will save you money, as much as 44% off the price of a fully loaded CityPASS.  They are available for cities like Tampa Bay, Orlando, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others.  So remember, the best way to see Philadelphia is to experience the best of Philadelphia with a CityPASS.