Quietly disappointing meal at the Quiet Storm in Garfield

Before I moved to Etna, I lived in East Liberty for over 3 years.  It wasn’t the greatest neighborhood by any means, but I enjoyed my time living there and could walk to many places fairly easily.  The Quiet Storm Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe was walking distance from my apartment, but I never went there during my stay in East Liberty.  At the time, I had no desire to give the restaurant a shot because I wasn’t really into vegetarian food at the time.  Fast forward to now, and I’m more open minded about vegetarian/vegan food thanks to a few friends.  With that said I finally had the opportunity to go to the Quiet Storm.



Inside, it’s very eclectic from an art and people perspective.  You had different types of people eating there from families to couples to individuals.  I’m not too big into art, but I like the different artwork that was displayed at the restaurant.  Looking at the menu, I wasn’t expecting anything extravagant, but nothing in the menu intrigued me except the breakfast menu.  However, I wasn’t really in the mood for breakfast.  I”ll definitely have to try their breakfast in the future because the dishes look mighty tasty.



I ended up getting the BB wrap with chips and salsa.  I was expecting either the typical tortilla chips you usually get at Mexican restaurants or house-made chips of some sort.  It was those round yellow chips that you can usually find in grocery stores.   To me it was disappointing because those are my least favorite chips on personal level, the taste was not impressive, and unfortunately that’s the only side you can have if you want to order wraps.  Honestly, I think they should start making house made chips.  I think customers will like that more.  I know it’s only a side dish, but side dishes are a critical component of a meal.   The BB wrap I ate had black bean spread, vegetarian chorizo, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, red onions, cabbage, and green chile vinaigrette.  The wrap was average because it lacked real any flavor.  I didn’t taste a whole lot of the vinaigrette, and there wasn’t enough chorizo.  The chorizo was the reason why I got the wrap to begin with.

I have many friends that rave about Quiet Storm, but my first experience there was disappointing.  That being said, I will come back in the near future because I am interested in their breakfast.  I also checked their brunch menu, and it looks fantastic.  I hope my second visit will fare much better and I’m going to ask the waiter or waitress their thought on a dish before I order it.  One lesson I learned from this experience; don’t ever get the chips again.

Rating – 2/5 Food was very average, but I’m still keeping an open mind on Quiet Storm.


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