The best Pecan pie

Pecan pie has to be one of my personal favorite deserts that I have ever had. I remember that when my grandmother was with us, there was no one who could match how she made it. Only ever really eating it when my grandmother made it, I never ate much sweets in my adult life, but I would never skip an opportunity for a slice of pecan pie. I come to you today, to tell you about the time I was given a pecan pie from a family member. After having a crazy semester a few years back, my sister surprised me with a pecan pie. It was so good that I asked her how she made, which led her telling me about the Goode company. The folks who made that vary pie I ate.

Soon I found myself on their site ordering myself one a few day later, when what my sister gave me was gone. I read their site and soon discovered that the method that they employee is similar to what my grandmother made in the past. Using farm fresh ingredients and pecans, it was no wonder why it was so good.

You will be surprised in the fact that the only real way to get one of them is by ordering online and having it shipped to you. Usually I am not comfortable with being mailed food. But, the speed in which it is delivered is so quick, that it does not lose any of the flavor or quality. Packed in a way to secure the integrity of the pie, I did not have any issues with what I ordered.

Only taking twenty minutes to heat up. I was enjoying freshly made pecan pie in my own home, without any hassle. Let me tell you, it even tastes great eating straight out of the box. Though I do recommend that you heat it up for its full flavor.

After enjoying my second pie from Goode. I even ventured into some of their other desserts and smoked meats. Electing to order their smoked brisket for a cook out that I was having for a friend’s birthday. And as the pecan pie, the brisket was tender and juicy, filled with smoky flavor. I would recommend it just as much as the pie. But, I digress. If you are in the market for a great pecan pie you won’t have to look far.

Goode also offers many other food services that are worth taking a look into. Providing catering a verity of occasions such as birthdays, graduations and even weddings. Providing you with all of your catering needs. Their food can even be used for gifts, such as my case and you don’t have to just limit yourself to pecan pie. Goode offers a number of desserts, even ones that are holiday sensitive and only bought during certain times of the year.

Whatever your need is, you can be certain that the Goode company will serve you up something wonderful.