Two recipe apps to save the day

Gone are the days when you learned family recipes from your mother. In most cases, mother is working and is more likely to have a pizza delivered than whip up a home-cooked dinner. However, with the emphasis on healthy eating, and the need to tighten the purse strings, it makes practical sense to start cooking at home. Fortunately, recipe apps are available for the phone you just got from Virgin Mobile USA. Here are two apps that can save the day.

Tender (iOS)

This app for iOS devices does not have its own collection of recipes, but it does search and present you with a variety of recipes from different sources. It starts by randomly selecting recipes, but quickly learns what your preferences are by noting which recipes you save to your cookbook. If you tend to skip anything that has lamb or fish, for example, it will suggest beef or chicken recipes instead. You can also filter the search by category. The app then generates an ingredient list for a recipe you select for easy reference. All you have to do to get the app is to sign up with Facebook or create a Tender account.

Big Oven (Android and iOS)

Big Oven’s approach is more conventional. It has a database of thousands of recipes you can search, so it is not much different from any cookbook app. The neat thing about the app is that it generates a meal plan based on your selections and produces a grocery list. You can also do a search based on dietary restrictions, so if you are diabetic, you can restrict the search for recipes that won’t send you into sugar shock. It will even calculate the amount of ingredients you need depending on the number of servings, and you can create and save a weekly meal plan. Another plus for the pantry-challenged is the leftovers feature, which will generate recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand.